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Terms Of Sale

You accept that, when ordering products via SFL, you must have the authority to purchase products on behalf of your company/sole proprietor/partnership/trust/co-operatives or non-profit organisation, and that you are bound by the usual Terms & Conditions of Sale between yourselves and SFL.

Individual Access

You accept that the login ID and password provided to you are for your individual use only, and that you will ensure that (a) these details are not communicated to any third party, and (b) that no other individual will log in using your account.

Change of Employer

You accept that, should you leave the employment of your organisation, it is your sole responsibility to notify SFL in writing or by way of emailing the correct details to online@servicefoods.co.nz or to a local branch. SFL, accepts no responsibility for the misuse of the SFL’s logins by ex-employees or associates of its customers.

Accuracy of Information

You accept that, whilst all care is taken to ensure the information presented by the SFL site is at all times correct and accurate, errors and omissions may occur, and that SFL accepts no liability for such occurrences. Examples of these occurrences are incorrect quantities on hand, zero rated pricing, incorrect pricing, inaccurate product sizes/descriptions. Wherever possible, SFL will try to correct the occurrence to ensure a reasonable solution is met.

Price, Product and product image information

SFL runs monthly specials which may cross over between various branches. Please note from time to time products on special may relate specifically to a branch and therefore customers who order these products and belong to another branch may not receive their ordered product.

Prices displayed on this website are stated in $NZ and exclude GST(15%).

Product Images displayed on this site are only for display purposes only and may not 100% resemble the actual product received.


By requesting and using a SFL login, you consent to SFL’s use of this information for marketing purpose without any further reference or payment or other compensation. Any request to access, update or correct any information should be directed to SFL’s head office. All information shall be kept in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

Website Copyright

The customer or the user accept that all aspects of the SFL are the intellectual property of SFL, and as such are copyrighted and cannot be used anywhere else without the express written permission of SFL. This copyright includes (but is not limited to) text, images, page layout, site functionality and features.

Termination of Access

SFL reserves the right at their absolute discretion at any time to exclude any customer from SFL; or cancel the registration of any customer.

Minimum order

Minimum orders for on account customers are $50.00


All credits must be lodged with customer service within 48 hours from delivery of the goods.

Credits requiring pickup must be communicated with customer services - please have the invoice number and the product code on hand.

All credits relating to pricing must be communicated to your account manager.


Any cancellation of orders must be communicated to customer service before the cut off times for that particular order. Please view the 'Information centre' for the specific cut off times.


All orders will be delivered free of charge if the following requirements are met:

  • The order meets minimum order requirements

  • The delivery destination is within free delivery regions.

If any order does not meet the above criteria a freight charge may be applicable.

Entire Agreement

Service Foods Limited may in their absolute discretion change, amend or vary these terms and conditions. All decisions pertaining to any disputes arising from the conduct of servicefoods.co.nz or servicefoodsonline.co.nz in the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions will be made by Service Foods Limited, whose decision will be final and binding on all customers and suppliers.